Beneath the dreary hum of the city lies a world most find beyond their sight, their understanding.  Many whisper we’re not alone.  Our myths, folktales, and legends tell us from one generation to the next that where we walk another world walks alongside us.

What if that world is not as far from ours as we thought?

The barista’s smile is always so warm.  Warm enough to send shivers down your spine as the coffee rests hot and aromatic in your hand. If you stand there a bit longer, maybe it is possible to drown in his eyes.

A business man sits on a park bench during his lunch break.  He watches kids play ball in the grass.  From the toe of his foot begins a trail of mushrooms which ring the field.

The crowd screams in delight.  A frenzy of bodies gyrating to the music grows ever more ecstatic.  His voice drives them insane.  The crowd drinks in every song like a drug they can’t refuse.

People vanish from the alleys.  Autumn leaves lie scattered where there are no trees.  No one ever remembers what happened in these places. Words stall on tongues that want to wag.

What will it take for you to see past the dismissive explanations? How far will you go to find out the truth?

The Authors:

K.J. Corveau is a writer of speculative fiction and poetry.  She resides in the not-so-cold southwest corner of British Columbia, Canada.

M.L. Valard lives slightly further south and across a border in the U.S.A..  She is also a writer of speculative fiction and poetry.

Both have families they claim as their own.  They’re very lucky to have such wonderful anchors in reality to keep them from chasing the fae too far into the clouds.

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“For here there be all manner of things -“
“They’re faeries.  Don’t you get that?  They’re goddamn faeries.”